Using the formula, write a two paragrsph body and a conclusion for the following introduction of an argumentative exposition


Introduction=background information (the history of the problem) + thesis statement that is underlined (a fact + opinion=makes up the idea that you want to prove+ why the essay is being written

Body:  Two paragraphs (a problem and a solution or two parts of the problem if you only want to elucidate it) proving the thesis statement with hard evidence

Conclusion:  summarizing the main ideas and giving a few minor ideas that support your conclusions to keep the reader interested




As there is no permanent knowledge in science since experiments can always be devised that potentially disprove an assumption, all science is theoretical.  But no theory is as solidly proven as that of evolution.  Certain things are almost indisputable because there is so much evidence behind it.  Definitely microorganisms can change radically.  A 30 year experiment on bacteria has proven that just in the space of three decades bacteria could become dramatically different when a different form of food is placed in the petri dish.  Those that got used to the changing sustenance partially through successful mutations when under stress were able to thrive and the others died out.  Bones of whales and hippopotamuses prove that at one time an early form of hippopotamus began to swim in the ocean and became whales.  The theory is that they were so large and uncomfortable in moving on land that the ocean became preferable.  There are so many bones of the transitional species between modern whales and ancient form of hippopotamuses that we can easily see the transformation even though it took millions of years.  There are vestige traits on human bodies such as fingernails that were probably claws, tailbones that once hung tails, and hair that was probably fur.  In microbiology we know that every cell in the human body has its own DNA but also mitochondria DNA.  The belief is that the first multi-cell organism combined with bacteria in a symbiotic relationship.  There are hundreds or thousands of other examples.  So to dismiss evolutionary theory is a major mistake for the only real human characteristic is our logic that helps us to understand the realities of life.  If schools do not teach evolution they are saying that knowledge is not important and that human curiosity to find the truth and reality in life is a mistake.  Thus, evolution should in fact be taught in schools as it is a way of reaffirming that curiosity and knowledge is more important than beliefs.